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The Revengers' Comedies (1998) Full Movie

The Revengers' Comedies
5.5/10 by 2.651 users

After saving each other from jumping off a bridge, Henry Bell and Karen Knightly plot to avenge the people who drove them to suicide. Henry will ruin the life of the woman who married Karen's boyfriend, while Karen will work as a secretary for the man who took Henry's job. Whether revenge will be sweet – or bittersweet – is anyone's guess.

TitleThe Revengers' Comedies
Duration86 minutes
Release DateJun 09, 1998
Genres, ,
Production Company, , ,
Production CountriesFrance, United Kingdom
Plot Keywords, , ,
Sam Neill
Henry Bell
Helena Bonham Carter
Karen Knightly
Kristin Scott Thomas
Imogen Staxton-Billing
Rupert Graves
Oliver Knightly
Martin Clunes
Anthony Staxton-Billing
Steve Coogan
Bruce Tick
John Wood
Col. Marcus
Liz Smith
Anita Dobson
Daphne Teal
Adrian Scarborough
Percy Cutting
Sandra Reinton
Hilary Tick
Zoe Hilson
Jamie O'Brien
Damien Tick
François Domange
Wine Waiter
Dicken Ashworth
Lorry Driver
Alexandre Desplat
Original Music Composer
Alexandre Desplat
Marina Gefter
Executive Producer
Sallie Jaye
Key Makeup Artist
Michelle Guish
Tom Read
Dressing Prop
Mark Huffam
Production Supervisor
Simon Bosanquet
Greg Powell
Stunt Coordinator
Mark Southworth
Stunt Double
Anushia Nieradzik
Costume Design
Malcolm Mowbray
Malcolm Mowbray
Alan Ayckbourn
Theatre Play
Romain Winding
Director of Photography
Barrie Vince
Stuart Walker
Production Design
Charmian Adams
Art Direction
Diane Dancklefsen
Art Direction
Jeremy Gibbs
Associate Editor
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