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For the Love of God (2007) Full Movie

For the Love of God
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'For the Love of God' is the wickedly irreverent tale of Graham (Coogan); an over-grown man-child still living at home under the suffocating glare of his elderly Mother, in her dusty and forgotten Christian bookshop. Graham has a terrible secret - an unholy fantasy - which only he and his Mother's pet Jackdaw (McKellen) know about. Spurred on by the sinister bird and the possibility of consummating his perverse desire, will Graham do the deed before his Mother uncovers the awful truth?

TitleFor the Love of God
Duration11 minutes
Release DateFeb 28, 2007
Production Company
Production CountriesUnited Kingdom
Plot Keywords, , , ,
Steve Coogan
Julia Davis
Ian McKellen
The Jackdaw
Joe Tucker
Raphael Warner
Mike Wyeld
Supervising Sound Editor
Joe Tucker
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