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Dulcima (1971) Full Movie

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John Mills plays a farmer who loves a drink but his farm is in a state of disrepair. He meets a young girl called Dulcima who takes pity on him and becomes his cleaner. He happy to have some company and she needs to earn the money. He finds himself falling for her but things get complicated when she starts seeing the gamekeeper. However, one day she discovers the farmer is a very rich man and decides she wants to be with him after all, but she can't stop seeing the gamekeeper...and the farmer finds out.

Duration98 minutes
Release DateDec 01, 1971
Production Company
Production CountriesUnited Kingdom
Plot Keywords, ,
Carol White
Dulcima Gaskain
John Mills
Mr. Parker
Stuart Wilson
Bernard Lee
Mr Gaskain
Sheila Raynor
Mrs Gaskain
Cyril Cross
Neil Wilson
Peter Reeves
Auctioneer's Assistant
Kristin Hatfield
Dress Shop Assistant
Philip Marsden
Baby Arnold
Frank Nesbitt
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